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Freedom to play, explore, build relationships and have fun is at the heart of growing up. However, for many young carers the responsibilities they face at home mean they miss out on these opportunities. Lockdowns and anxiety around coronavirus have only made things harder - increasing the responsibilities for young carers and preventing them from getting a break or from turning to their established coping strategies Despite these very difficult circumstances, many young carers feel unable to complain, as this would be "selfish” and insensitive to the person they were caring for. 12-year-old Izzy, said: “People don’t realise the entirety of my life is me being a mini adult, but it’s not a pick and choose the time sort of thing.” The Green Team are providing opportunities for young carers to take a break, and through positive activities in the outdoors to re-connect with nature, others and themselves. To help fund this valuable work Peter is cycling over 950km, tackling (as closely as possible) the route of Scotland's watershed. The watershed runs from the very south of Scotland to the very north and determines which way a falling raindrop reaches the sea - fall on the east of the watershed and it ends up in the North Sea, fall to the west and it ends up in the Atlantic. An amazing challenge for a man who is well into his 70s for a wonderful cause.


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The Green Team is a charity that supports young people to learn about and connect with nature, others and themselves through rewarding ou...


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