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We recently met Ifo and her family, please read her story and help them if you can. Ifo is 25 years old and was born with cerebral palsy, she has lived all here life in the house pictured below. Unable to walk or talk, she is totally reliant on her devoted mother for all her personal care needs. Ever since Ifo's father died, the family have struggled to get by. As full time carer to Ifo, her mother cannot take on a full time job, but does casual work in the rice fields whenever she gets the chance and can find someone to mind her daughter. Life is hard enough already for Ifo and her family, but these pictures show you all too clearly the day to day reality that faces them during the rainy season. Their house floods nearly every time it rains, so at this time of year they are constantly surrounded by water. Sometimes the bed they sleep on is the only dry place in their home, and the house is so badly damaged and rotten that it is in danger of falling down on top of them. The house needs to be demolished and the foundations raised above the levels of the flood waters, before it is rebuilt. Our dream this Christmas is to raise enough money to build a new home for Ifo.


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