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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Over the last 12 years Project 3580, run by Mr Neil Morland who teaches Geography at Chipping Campden School, has worked hard to save lives, and improve the life-chances of the residents of the Kissitown Refugee Camp in Sierra Leone. To date, Project 3580 has built 16 classroom blocks and a church, a small clinic as well as toilets and two wells for clean water. In addition, some 4000 mosquito nets have been bought and delivered saving countless young lives. Through a variety of fundraising activities, including the bi-annual school charity walk, staff and students at Chipping Campden School are seeking to raise the funds that Project 3580 needs to start to rebuild two primary schools. Once complete, these buildings will enable 2300 children to get the education they so desperately want and need. The first step in this school building project is to raise £8,000 to build an entirely new classroom block. Once complete, this building will be dedicated to the memory of Harry Purcell, who was part of Neil Morland’s tutor group for 6 years.


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