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Kirsten Hohman Wilson is raising £300 for The Society for Abandoned Animals
I have been volunteering two days a week for the past three months at The Society for Abandoned Animals in Sale Manchester. Since I started, the number of animals homed there has gone down to half, because the sanctuary is not able to afford to keep them. It is sad to see all of the empty pens that could be sheltering an abandoned animal if they had the funds to do so. I want to help them, and they need your help too! They need as much help as possible! They rely entirely on individual donations; they dont receive any money from the government, the council or the National Lottery. Sadly the amount of donations coming in has dropped over the last couple of years, and their bills have gone up. Theyve been forced to halve the number of pens to help balance the books and prevent closure. It costs 450 per day to remain open. Their vet fees are around 3500 per month. Last year they rescued 354 cats, 45 rabbits and 24 dogs. They have been running since 1966. When the council housing in Hulme was being cleared, people werent allowed to take their pets with them to their new homes. The founder of the Society for Abandoned Animals, Peggy Henderson, was a massive animal lover, so she and her friends rescued all of the abandoned pets and found new homes for them. They have been running ever since! The staff and volunteers at the SAA are very dedicated in getting to know every animal, so that they can make sure they go to the right home and get the best new start in life. The SAA has a plan to help them reopen the pens and get back to full capacity but they need everyones help! They want to build a new cat unit. Not only will it improve the current facilities for rescue cats, but it will include a cattery, where people can board their cats when they go on holiday. The money from this will be enough to pay the charitys massive vet bills. The unit will also include solar panels, which will not only mean an end to the charitys electric bills, but it may also generate enough electricity to sell back to the utility company. The money raised will go back into animal care. Several charitable foundations have already donated money towards this project, but the SAA need 30,000 to meet their target and start the building work. Once the project is complete, they hope the money raised will help them reopen the closed pens and help more animals! It would be a travesty for such an organisation to be forced to close its doors, so I started this page on behalf of everyone involved (and who has ever been involved) in this worthy cause, to keep the sanctuary open for all of the animals that rely on their generosity and love. PLEASE help and donate! Anything you could give to get through these difficult times would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to donate monthly, you can use the link provided for their Just Giving page. Please share this page with your friends and family and get the word spread as much as you can! You can find our more about the sanctuary by visiting them on their webpage On their webpage, you can find links to their Facebook and Twitter pages.


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