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Help Rebuild a Home for Amudha's Family: Restore Hope and Stability in Kithullmulla
Amudha and her family have lost their house, and you are their last hope on rebuilding it! Sri Lanka is facing a crisis due to recent severe weather conditions. Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms have been causing nightmares for citizens in the country. Amudha and Suresh, parents of Nirdula, a seven-year-old girl attending school in Galaha, and Warun, a cute three-year-old attending our Tiny T.E.A. Preschool, reside in Kithullmulla, at the peak of the Hathana mountain range in a small cottage built out of old sheets and covers. They are part of the plantation community and lead a very impoverished lifestyle, as Suresh works as a contractual labourer for a salary of 2 GBP per day while Amudha takes care of the family. One night, the rain poured relentlessly, and the water cascading downhill passed their home, causing the family to escape the crumbling structure and save themselves. However, they soon realized that their tears were denser than the rain, as Warun and his family lost their home. The makeshift structure, built with just sheets and covers, was no match for the storm. The children and the family are currently struggling their living as they are temporarily accommodated at amudha’s mother’s home, sharing the small house with 11 more members. The children are having improper meals and irregular attendance to school due to this problem. In the aftermath, Amudha had no one or no place to turn for help as her entire family and friends were also suffering with crisis, so she sought help at the T.E.A. project with hope in her eyes. We rallied together, offering our support and assistance to Amudha and her family in any way we could, providing them with dry rations and necessities for their temporary stay at her mother's small place. Subsequently, The T.E.A. Project has decided to join hands and raise 1250 GBP to renovate and rebuild their home to bring back hope. Your heartfelt and generous contribution can wipe away the tears of Warun and Nirdula.


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