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RAY'S CLIMB INTO THE CLOUDS The boy in the picture is Ray. He's an amazing kid. Almost a miracle kid. He is probably in the top ten athletes on planet earth for his age. Which is six. Ray is Ugandan and he climbs mountains. Big mountains which climb from the African plains and up into the clouds. These mystical peaks are called the Mountains of the Moon. They are the kind of mountains you see in Hollywood versions of the wild heart of Africa. Think King Kong. Think Jurassic Park. And Ray doesn't simply climb these forbidding peaks. He conquers them. In March of this year he ascended Mount Muhabura. 4127 meters. 13540 feet. Wait for it.... he went all the way up and all the way back down in under nine hours. At six years old. Yeah. I know. Next up for Ray is Mount Sabinyo 3645 meters. 12,000 feet. Ray is climbing Mount Sabinyo to raise money for the Kupata Project which provides free sanitary pads to school girls in and around his home town of Kabale. Girls from families trying to get by on a couple of dollars a day cannot afford sanitary pads. This means they can miss up to 25% of their time in school. Access to re-usable sanitary pads means they never have to miss a day of their education. Which is life changing. The Kupata Project is a small independent Scottish charity. We have no paid staff, no offices, no fat expense accounts. Every penny we raise goes to buying SoSure re-usable sanitary pads. SoSure pads are manufactured by a non profit comapny with a factory in Uganda. It costs £3 per annum to provide a Ugandan school girl with sanitary wear to meet her needs for a year. Every £3 Ray is able to raise will give a girl a better chance in her life. What Ray is doing for his sisters is truly remarkable. Please support him.


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