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JenH is raising £500 for Acorn Overseas Charity for Children
Hello everyone, I discovered AcornOverseas thanks to twitter and I am delighted. A small charity doesnt mean that's not important . Any steps taken to help others are important. Why am I particularly affected by it ? Because through my various travels I've seen a how poverty can affect children who deserves so much better . I also realized that when we give them something that we seem trivial, their smile can clearly push us to ask the right questions on our own lives. So please , we can give them a chance to be happy, because I 'm sure with the little things that we can give them ,their world can be even better. Natasha , the creator of this amazing charity went to Thailand to meet them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6NeznuMytQ . I'm sure you also want to help these wonderful children now. They deserve it so much. We can make a difference ! So now I invited you to send us some donation who are all important ( small or big ) and share this page ! I will be very grateful. One donation can change the life of one of them. It's time to giveback . Thank you , much love Jen xx


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Acorn Overseas Charity for Children is a UK charity that started in January 2010 by Natasha Whiting, to support underprivileged children ...