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Caroline Watkin is raising £1,000 for Global Angels
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Robert Walters is raising money to help a small community in Tsavo create a sustainable source of food and water. Twice a year staff also visit Tsavo and we take care packages of vital supplies to help the local school and the local families.

Please make a donation to light up the life of a child or young person in this region. We'll be taking things like underwear, toothbrushes, books and stationery, as well as fun items like bottles of bubbles and balloons!

We're also looking for donations to buy two laptops for the youth workers that Global Angels is training. Jobs are so scarce in this region that developing the next generation and giving them purpose is critical for the region to thrive.

What we've done so far: Our first project involved building shade nets to help protect crops from the fierce sun, allowing the community to grow crops with less water. Life-saving in a region facing prolonged drought.

This has been really successful but we'd like to help continue our support so more food can be grown food for the local people but also to help the community start businesses selling drought resistant crops like Chia and Moringa.

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