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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

I'm doing this fundraiser to raise £500 for Transition Network
Better late than... I'm going for a run on my birthday, which just happens to be in the London Marathon. Originally it was just as a member of a running club, Herne Hill Harriers, not for any charity. But then I saw that with many of the causes people fundraise for. although doing really good work, they are often about patching up a broken system not replacing it. So, I thought why not raise funds for charities who want to change the system rather than just repair it? And, instantly the fantastic and radical Transition Network came to mind. Whatever amount, if you'd like to contribute to the pioneering work of Transition Network - who are helping, practically and in terms of having a positive, different vision, to realise a socially just and ecologically sound world - in return for my grinding myself into the streets of London while running the marathon, that would be wonderful. After all, system change is a pure endurance sport, so they seem well matched... Thank you for visiting our Givey page. When you make your donation through Givey, the Charity receives 100% of the donation. Your details are safe with Givey and donating is completely secure. What's more, they never share your email address with any third parties except the Charity you donate to.


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Transition is a movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and re-build our world. In more than 1,200 communities in 48 countries, community-led Transition initiative groups are working together to create a low-carbon, socially-just, healthier and happier future, which is more enriching and more gentle on the earth than the way most of us live today. Transition Network is a charity which works to inspire, encourage, connect, support and train these communities as they self-organise around the Transition model. We support the development of Transition Hub organisations, to connect and support local Transition initiative community groups in each country. Transition initiatives are community-led groups, creating a positive vision and plan for their community’s future, with much less need for fossil fuels, more localised economies, and resilient communities in which we can provide a greater level of well-being for each other, especially for those who are more disadvantaged.