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Ed Matysiak is raising £500 for Crohn's and Colitis UK
On 6-7th September I will be racing in Thruxton's 24 hour cycling time trail. Its a simple format where teams of 4 ride around the circuit in relay style for 24 hours. I'm making it more simple... I don't have a team. I shall be solo, on my bike for 24 hours, looking to cover more than 300 miles while burning an estimated 15,000 calories. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2010 after several years of pain & suffering being treated with all manner of drugs for all manner of illnesses. At age 20 I had a series of stomach ulcers & severe laceration & inflammation throughout the digestive tract with no diagnosis. I was treated with aggressive steroids that have now left my bone density index so low I've got osteoporosis. Damage that cannot be un-done & will effect me in later life. Finally, aged 24, when a colonoscopy biopsy confirmed Crohns disease I had an answer. unfortunately, there is no cure for Crohns. The medication can only help manage the symptoms, not the cause. I'd like to raise money for the charity because I'd like to think, one day, they will find a cure. But to be honest, if they can cut down diagnosis time & save people so much wasted time suffering with the wrong medication.. that would be great.


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Crohn's and Colitis are bowel conditions which can devastate lives. Around 300,000 people in the UK are affected, many of them children, ...