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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

When you set yourself a mahoosive challenge and it’s time to tell everyone about it . . . So here goes; I’m taking part in the Business Come Dancing 2023 event doing something I love, DANCING, whilst raising money for charity. I’m partnered with the lovely professional dancer Mandy Henderson, who will see me through eight weeks of training before we perform at a black tie dinner Gala event in November competing against other couples to see who will be crowned the winners and hold up the BCD trophy. For some this might not seem so unusual, as my love of dancing from an early age (as you can see from the extremely old picture of me and my dance partner, Julian aged around ten) saw me winning lots of competitions back in the day and my love of dance has always stuck with me. I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of Strictly? But why now? The last few years have been tough with setting up a new business in the middle of Covid (who saw that coming?), working hard in and on the business (surely I should be slowing down now?), the menopause hitting (oh what joy for us women of a certain age contending with brain fog, weight gain, hot flushes and sweating, loss of self-esteem, tiredness blah blah blah) and now my gorgeous 18 year old son heading off to Uni soon (yikes empty nest syndrome gonna be hitting). I needed a challenge and this came at just the right time, so I’m throwing myself into it 100%. Of course it’s not about the winning (errr yeah right), but all about the journey. I’ve no doubt it’s going to be tough as the weight gain got me, the lack of exercise has left me feeling unhealthy and my body is nowhere near as flexible as it used to be and the memory – how on earth am I going to remember a routine? BUT it’s gonna be fun and I’ll give it all I’ve got - I’m so excited! I’d love for you to support me on this journey and if you’d like to sponsor me I’d be soooooo grateful. I’m raising money for Pavilion Dance South West (charity number 1111641) who have been transforming communities through dance for over 13 years. Pavilion Dance offers inclusive and accessible dance workshops and events in schools, colleges, care homes, community settings and in their own theatre in Bournemouth, as well as offering a full programme of classes and performances. They do amazing things like supporting programmes which include dance sessions for people managing health conditions such as Parkinson’s and Dementia patients, deprived areas of BCP, young people with mental health challenges, LGBTQ+ community and global majority groups to break down barriers and drive change. They do such great work in the community that most of us weren’t even aware of and 100% of the donation made through Givey goes to them. Your details are safe and secure and never shared with any third party except the charity you donate to. I’ll be sharing the highs and lows of my journey on my social channels, as well as on our Vetsmiths’ pages, so please feel free to follow along – I need all the support I can get. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Keeeeep dancing!! Sammy x You can follow #businesscomedancing23


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