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SHARE Frome, our very own Library of Things will close in 2024 if community support is not found. SHARE, an independent charity, owned and run by local people and volunteers, has for nearly nine years, been providing the community with fun and easy ways to save money and space whilst being kinder to the planet. Sadly, on 18th March, SHARE was given the devastating news that they will be losing their free premises on Frome high street. This news, combined with a 290% rise in running costs in the last 12months means they now need urgent support from businesses, individuals and organisations in the community to ensure they can find a new home and can afford to continue delivering their borrowing and repair services. Ironically, just like other valued services in Frome such as Fair Frome and the Community Fridge, SHARE has seen a huge rise in the demand for their service from those individuals and families most in need. The 280% growth of their Concession Membership for those on low incomes since March 2022, shows a clear need for a Library of Things borrowing service to exist in Frome. SHARE Frome was the first Library of Things to start in the UK and is a valued and important part of the ever growing Library of Thing movement happening across the UK and the world. In the last 12months, SHARE has lent 3564 items to 865 local people. It has saved them a total of approximately £122,000 and helped them protect the planet by borrowing and not buying. By not buying, they have helped the community stop approximately 102270kg of new materials from being used. So if you care about and appreciate SHARE, if you are proud to tell friends you have a Library of Things in your town, if you want to support a well loved local charity, if you are already a member or would like to become one, if you want to help protect the environment, if you’re new to the town and want to be part of the SHARE community. Your support, no matter how small, is vital and will make all the difference.


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