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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to


Our little P1's have had a remarkable end to their first year here at South Morningside Primary, with a final term that I'm sure will be a memorable part of our school experience.

For some of us, this lockdown period has been really challenging and everyone involved with this fundraiser would like to pay a special tribute to all the key workers, particularly NHS and Emergency Services staff, in our community who have looked after us while we have stayed at home. We would also like to thank our SMPS P1 teachers and support staff for keeping us updated and involved as best they can in very challenging circumstances. We realise that all our P1's really miss seeing their friends and teachers at school and it has been lovely to see how we have managed to stay connected with our friends in lots of other ways.

We have been hosting games, quizzes and adventures for our P1 Learners on Zoom, 3 times a week, throughout this Lockdown period; to try and allow a space for our little ones to see their friends and have a bit of fun. We realise that not all of our P1 learners are comfortable in virtual spaces and also that not everyone is in a position that they can come and join us on Zoom due to other work, life, and family commitments. But it has been lovely to see so many of our P1s come along, say hello and play our silly games.

A very honourable mention must go to the wonderful Alyssa Muego, a professional vocal coach and singer, who volunteered her time to support our Friday afternoon 'Fun Session' for the entire term... purely because she is an absolute superstar! Her Friday sessions have been one of the highlights of our term and her generosity and energy she brings has been hugely appreciated.

You can find out more about Alyssa's Ceilidh Crew here: https://www.facebook.com/ceilidhcrew.co/

Our Zoom sessions will be winding down, with our end of term party, on Friday 26th June. To celebrate the end of our term we decided we would share a song together, the song that we have been singing together at the start of all of our Zoom Sessions; 'Welcome Everybody' by Fischy Music.

Musicians were enlisted to record an original version of the song:

Alyssa Muego - lead vocals and guide track

Scott Orr - Lead Guitar

Will Oke - Bass Guitar

Mikey Cameron - Drums

Stephen Tierney - Guitars, arrangement and production

SMPS P1 teachers got involved and recorded their singing parts, as did our P1 learners. Parents, grandparents, carers and friends across Morningside wrestled with their mobile devices and laptops to do all the tech support and direction to film our little P1's and make the project come together. It really was a wonderful effort from everyone involved and, in the process of creating this piece, it has certainly been inspiring to see so many of our P1 community coming together to share a song and be silly.

It was towards the end of this process that we thought that maybe our SMPS P1 community would be up for taking part in a little bit of fundraising together to help support some of our neighbours who have been struggling through this lockdown period. Donations are entirely up to and please don't feel obliged to give anything at all...

Over in Moredun and Gilmerton (just on the other side of The Braids), the community there has pulled together to provide free packed lunches, hot meals and other support to disadvantaged families, elderly people, and people who are shielding throughout this lockdown period, in what is one of the most deprived areas of Edinburgh. Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre, working in partnership with Cyrenians, Social Bite, Tron Kirk, Greenspace, local primary schools and other local community groups, continue to deliver over 600 packed lunches everyday directly to those that need it. They also provide baby products for families with young children and feminine hygiene products and have an army of young people (ages from around 12 upwards) who arrive everyday to prepare, pack and deliver all sorts of essential supplies across the community.

For those that can afford to and wish to make a donation to help continue to support the work of Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre, please click the 'donate' button and give what you can.


Thank you so much for your support, this has been a remarkable time and we look forward to getting back to school to see all of our friends after the summer holiday.

Have a great summer!

Stephen (Caitlin's Dad P1B)


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