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Supplement Review Website in the UK Looking for ways to improve your own and your family’s health and well-being? The quality of your diet is one very important place to start. Nutrition has an enormous impact on your health, affecting how you feel, how well you function, how well your body can fight infection. even how long you live. It can also play a role in preventing many diseases and certain birth defects. There’s no question that a balanced diet (along with regular exercise) is critical to health maintenance and disease prevention.   However, some researchers believe that certain nutrients are deficient in the soil and that as a result, the food we consume—even if it’s the correct food—may be lacking in some nutrients. Since plants cannot manufacture minerals, and soil that was once enriched with minerals may be depleted, supplements can help make up for a deficiency of minerals in the foods we eat, as well as give us an additional health boost. A growing body of evidence suggests that dietary supplements play an important part in health maintenance.   Studies show that both men and women fail to meet the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) for a variety of important nutrients, including calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, and zinc. It’s no wonder that people are turning to supplements to get the important nutrients they require and to treat specific ailments—as many as 50 percent of Americans use dietary supplements. And in 2000 alone, they spent an estimated $15.7 billion on more than 29,000 different products—from vitamins and minerals to herbal supplements and other speciality products.   Our website Cureline arranged to provide instant and easy access to the information you seek. Part One: “What Supplements Can Do for You” is a thorough introduction to supplements that will give you a solid base of knowledge about vitamins, minerals, and herbs and why they are so important. Reading this introduction will also teach you to become an educated consumer so that you can go to the health food store or pharmacy armed with the knowledge you need to purchase the product you want.   Interactions that the supplement may have with other supplements, herbs, or prescription medications All material is cross-referenced so that you may easily search.  “Using Supplements to Manage Health” for detailed information about specific conditions and ailments. “Using Supplements to Manage Health” allows you to look up information about particular health conditions and the supplements that may help treat them. For instance—you return from your annual physical only to discover that your cholesterol is high.   You can look up “High Cholesterol” and read about the various supplements that are recommended for this condition. Furthermore, you can call your doctor and ask his or her opinion about taking a particular supplement in conjunction with the cholesterol-lowering medication the doctor just prescribed. It’s that simple. Each profile in this section will provide a general overview of an ailment or condition, a list of the best supplements recommended to help treat, prevent, or alleviate it, and the specific dosages for each supplement.


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