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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Milldene is raising £250 for Tiptree Pre-school Playgroup
We know that Covid-19 has hit everybody; its certainly hit us! We cannot access a lot of the governments aid packages because we are partly government funded, and we do not feel it is ethical to ask parents to pay fees while we are closed. We need supplies in order to re-open to our first phase of children on Monday 1st June. We need cleaning supplies and PPE to keep all the children and all the staff as safe as possible. The money from that haircut that you couldn't get? Please can we have it? The money from the take-out that you couldn't get? Can we have that as well? The £1 you found down the back of the sofa while cleaning. Please, please, can we have that? IF you can only spare pennies, please consider donating them to us so we can continue to care for the children in the best possible way we can. Thank you


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Tiptree Pre-School Playgroup has been running since 1962 and currently runs two setting for over 80 children. As we are a committee led c...