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Ian Livingston is raising £1,000 for Milborne St Andrew Village Hall
Our local hall is self funded and provides a much needed community focus for young and old alike. Much of the little ones play area has been closed for some time and needs 60k for it to be a safe and happy place again. If we can secure 6K the rest may come in grants.......and you can help!! :-) I will be swimming the River Dart 10km on 14th of September and hope to raise 1000. Since I can no longer run, the marathon is out......so its a swim marathon instead! 10km is far further than I have ever swum before but i hope to break the 3 hour barrier. Its gonna be a chilly 13 degrees, emotional and quite challenging for a fat bloke but I hope it will be a great event and it tempts a few of you to support our village hall. Its keeping it local, its giving back but ultimately....its all about the kids. Many thanks in advance. The kids :-) For more info on my challenge see the links below: https://www.facebook.com/events/688965234502549/


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Milborne St Andrew Village Hall, the children's playground, playing field and wildflower meadow provide a focal point for events and ente...