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raised of £500 target from 13 people

Clare Marks is raising £500 for Friends Of Holbeach School
The brilliant Holbeach Fun Run is unfortunately cancelled this summer. It would have been on the 16th May, but, instead, Friends of Holbeach present: The Holbeach 2000 challenge. To represent the 2km that the children would have run, we would like them to complete a challenge of their choice that links to the number 2, or 20, 200 or 2000. We are raising money to support our lovely school and make sure, after lockdown, they can continue to give our children the brilliant education that they deserve. The money will be used to subsidise trips and buy books for our lovely library. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that the events that Friends of Holbeach rely on to raise funds will be unable to go ahead so this challenge will hopefully give us a chance to make up for some of that loss.


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