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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Saqlain Raza is raising £990,000 for Pseudomyxoma Survivor
Project on Thalassaemia Center Project Objectives The project has been prepared to provide an update treatment in the form of Bone marrow transplant / stem cell transplant for the patients of thalassaemia, hematological disorders and other malignancies of children and adults, this is the only curative treatment for these diseases prevalent in this area like thalassaemia and aplastic anemia. This centre will provide OPD / intensive care services and emergency treatment to the patients of above mentioned diseases. The existing facilities are primitive and inadequate. There is an immediate need for the establishment of Thalassaemia unit & establishment of BHF and to offer modern treatment facilities to Thalassaemia patients which will serve a significant figure of 30 million population of the drainage area of London. The Thalassemia unit & establishment of BHF at Faisalabad will also permit to train proper manpower for Tehsil & District hospital of the area due to the following reasons: - The bone marrow transplant (BHF) facilities are not existing in the country in the Govt. & Private sector. Bone marrow transplant is the only curative treatment for a reasonable no. of diseases like thalassaemia / aplastic anemia and other hematological disorders. Bone marrow transplant / stem cells transplantation is also a treatment of choice in other malignances and genetic disorders. Stem cells are also being injected as a curative trial in patient of neurological deficits and in myocardial infarction. In southern Punjab / Faisalabad is strategically located in the centre of the country, therefore it caters treatment facilities to up and down stream of the country. Thalassaemia in children is quite common in this area as compared to other part of country, for which BHF is the only curative treatment and if this treatment is not given majority of patient’s scumb to death. BHF centre will provided post graduate training facilities to the doctors. It will also provide the research facilities is this new modality. It will broaden the horizon of our young graduates. After completion, it: - Will provide Bone Marrow Transplant / Stem Cell transplant facilities to the needy patients. Will provide facilities of highly specialized nature, inclusive of Diagnostic, Interventional & Medical treatment. Will act as referral centre for the Western Punjab and for whole the country and other international adjacent countries. Will train medical, paramedical personnel’s and nurses. Will provide research facilities. Will become a centre of dissemination of knowledge & research. Will povide training in the field of Clinical Hematology and BHF. Will attrat patients and research workers from other countries for advanced and specialized training and research. Will provide Halth Care to about 32 patient’s in phase I. Will provide da care to 20 – 30 patients per day. Will provide about 40 – 500 OPD / Patients, of pediatric / adults of various disorders per day.

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