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I'm doing this fundraiser to raise £3,000 for Scottish Cancer Foundation

This year, we are looking to raise £3,000 to fund our vital work in the field of cancer prevention. As the only charity which prioritises cancer prevention in Scotland; we work tirelessly to ensure cancer prevention is on the agenda of senior civil servants and politicians; and that public awareness is raised.

In 2015, 31,467 people were diagnosed with cancer in Scotland.In the same year, there were 16,011 cancer deaths. Cancer is estimated to affect 2 in 5 Scots over the course of their lifetime. Cancer treatment is extremely costly, both to patients and to the NHS.

Cancer is an extremely complex disease and it is not possible to identify precisely one specific cause. However, it is estimated that approximately one third of the 13 most common cancers could be prevented. The statistics are far higher for some cancers; bowel cancer (45%), and these prevention methods include lifestyle changes, screening, and, in some instances, chemo prevention drugs.

While it is widely accepted that prevention of cancer is greatly preferable to and more cost-effective than treatment, it does not have a high profile. This is because prevention is largely invisible, lacks drama and emotional effect, often requires action that is challenging to achieve and, as the effects may be long delayed, the benefits do not accrue rapidly to the payer.

We organise an annual Royal Society of Edinburgh public engagement lecture, on an aspect of cancer which is of interest to the general public. Unfortunately, this has recently lost a significant portion of its funding and so we are reaching out to you. Your generous donations will ensure that we are able to continue to get the message out that: NO, cancer is not a lucky dip, or caused simply by genes; and YES, we can do something about reducing our cancer risk. Your funding will contribute towards ensuring we are able to continue this vital work and progress further in the field of cancer prevention.

Please share our fundraising campaign to help us raise these all-important funds.

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