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Carly Ramsay is raising £500 for Meningitis Research Foundation
As some of you know Lucy McConnell has forced me into joining her for the pain of 'Tough Mudder'. I think we can honestly say it is going to be one of the hardest things we have ever done but we hope to gain the title of a 'Tough Mudder' by the end of the 12 mile course filled with obstacles, cold water, ice, electrocution and lots more. Recently, my beautiful niece Leila was seriously ill with Meningitis, an illness I knew little about beforehand, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do my bit and raise some money for the cause and my team leader Lucy Mc has agreed. Leila, who is 16 weeks old, was not her usual smiley self for a few days and continued to deteriorate until her wonderful Mum, Hollie, knew something was truly wrong. Then the rash appeared and she quickly took her to the hospital, she was in there for a few nights and had many tests and procedures. She was diagnosed with Meningitis and luckily it was treatable with antibiotics, and we are all praying for no long term effects. She was one of the fortunate ones, there are so many cases which do not end like this and if Hollie had left it even a few more hours we might have been looking at a completely different ending to this story. Please dig in to your pockets for this wonderful cause that will truly save lives and for us who will want our lives saving in our attempt to become 'Tough Mudders'.


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