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Lindsay Stronge is raising £500 for Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation

Recently there has been much in the news about CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) and on social media a lot of misinformation is spreading which focuses on narrow stereotypes of CSE perpetrators (e.g. 'asian grooming gangs'). Focusing on a small number of cases misrepresents how big a problem CSE is and covers the fact that perpetrators of CSE come from all backgrounds. I believe that it is being used as a tool to divide communities by those who wish to spread fear and hate. There is also a perception from some that faith groups are not doing enough to tackle the problem. That is not the case.

I want to fundraise to raise awareness and support the work of FACES -Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation, a charity founded by Muslims and Christians in Luton to tackle CSE, in all its forms, and to educate and empower children and their communities to recognise and tackle the problem. The charity is unique and an amazing example of cross-community grassroots work. On 30th September 2018 I will complete a Toughmudder half (5 miles, a lot of obstacles) for Faces. I need to do a fair amount of strength training in the next few months!!

You can read more here: https://faces.org.uk

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