Seeing it all come together

Getting information about your Cause or Fundraiser is very important. Seeing all of those donations and being able to query them or filter them can be vital in learning about your exposure.

Changing your account

In order to see your reports, you can use Givey as your Cause or Fundraiser by clicking on them in the main drop down list.

This will enable you to see a wide array of options relating to that account.

You can also click Settings or Dashboard under the account you wish to use. This will take you directly to the relevant section for that account.

Accessing your reports

Once you are using Givey as your chosen account, all of the links you see are now for that account.

In order to see your reports, the Dashboard is where you will want to be.

Dashboard options

While in your dashboard, you can access information such as a list of all donations, as well as exports for your Cause or Fundraiser.

The donations section lists all donations made to your Cause or Fundraiser. From here, you can see the most recent donations, as well as filter the list based on a time scale.

The exports section allows you to download a spreadsheet of all your donations.

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