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John Wilkinson is raising £10,000 for International Rescue Corps
IRC was formed in 1981 following the Italian earthquake. Having seen the scenes of chaos and devastation portrayed in the media, we were determined that a co-ordinated search and rescue team should be available to attend all future catastrophies, wherever they took place. It is this determination that has carried us forward to where we are today, as a specialist volunteer search and rescue teams with experience behind us. We have operated for over 30 years with an outstanding track record of saving lives. The first introduction that many people have to us is when they see the distinctive royal blue overalls in television news footage of a disaster, whether at home or abroad. You may have seen or read about IRC’s involvement in overseas earthquake search and rescue, taking part in missing person searches or helping rescue the victims of floods in the UK. Responding 24×7 A request for assistance can be made direct to IRC Headquarters or, following news of a disaster being received, we will make the initial contact with the most relevant authorities. Permission to enter a country or attend incidents in the UK is always obtained prior to mobilisation. The size of a rescue team varies on the nature and location of the incident as well as health and safety requirements which we adhere to. Additional or relief teams can also be despatched as required. Flexibility of role is essential as teams inevitably become involved in humanitarian work, communications or relief co-ordination. Whilst mobilised overseas, our teams have the support of IRC headquarters, which is manned 24 hours a day by volunteer staff to maintain communications and close liaison with the host government and international authorities. A Reminder IRC have NO paid staff. We are ALL volunteers. ALL donations go to helping IRC operations We are a UK based charity and due to the voluntary nature of the Corps, combined with the need for extensive training this means that operational membership of the IRC is restricted to residents of the UK. Please help us to be United To Save Life


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We are a specialist Urban Search and Rescue team responding to natural and man made disasters all over the world using specialist skills ...