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Jennifer Coppard is raising £1,500 for New Routes Integration
The public spoke and decreed it should be custard upon our heads. Thank you all it was the most fun fundraiser we've ever done! ++++++++++++++++++++++ Joel waxes his legs, or Jen shaves her head, or we both have a 'see how much custard you can hold in your underpants competition'. YOU DECIDE! We will do the forfeit with the most money pledged at 9pm on 23rd March, and we'll email a video of the deed to everyone who donates. Much better value than Sky or Netflix, we think! Please write WAX or CUSTARD or SHAVE in your comment after you've donated. (Donate - add gift aid - then click on 'see my donation' to add your comment). Please give generously to make our antics worthwhile and help asylum seekers and refugees. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are up for doing silly things to help people in need and we really appreciate your support :-) ABOUT THE CHARITY New Routes provides services to refugees and asylum seekers in Norwich helping them integrate into the community. The participants have survived persecution in their own countries and in some cases a perilous journey to the UK. New Routes provides a social lifeline helping prevent isolation and marginalisation. Due to higher than predicted numbers of people arriving, they desperately need more funds to be able to continue providing core services (English lessons, conversation clubs, and more; see http://newroutes.org.uk/). Our country relies almost entirely on voluntary organisations to welcome and integrate people and teach them to speak English. Small print: **We’re using Givey.com as the charges from the better known donation sites are not insignificant for a small charity. It only takes a minute to sign up and donate (or you can sign in with Facebook or Google) but if you’d rather not, you can donate directly on the charity’s website http://newroutes.org.uk/ ** **Tick for Gift Aid if you're a UK tax payer to allow the charity to reclaim the tax ** ** A thousand thank yous for your support and please share share share to help this small charity to continue its amazing work! **


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