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Andy - Tom Elvidge - Parker is raising £500 for Save the Children UK
On June 21st, and perhaps a sizeable chunk of June 22nd too, we will be running (after a fashion) the full length of Hadrian's Wall, 69 miles from west coast to east coast, Carlisle to Newcastle ( This is considerably longer than either of us have previously run and ever imagine running again. Its the first race we've taken part in where success will be measured not in our time across the finish line, but in how many debilitating injuries we can avoid. Given the magnitude of this challenge, we hope to raise plenty of money for Save The Children, which is obviously a very worthy cause helping to provide hope to those given the most hopeless start in life, and is known to be one of the best well-known charities in terms of financial efficiency (percentage of money donated going to good use), accountability and transparency (rated A+ by Charity Watch). We are using Givey as 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity, in contrast to, for example JustGiving who take a chunk of all donations. Thanks for any donations.


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