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Omega Movement is raising £500 for Headway East London
We ladies of Omega Movement are so grateful for all the opportunities we've had over the past year. Since the holidays are all about sharing we wanted to think of a different way to give back and live happier, healthier lives. So, from Saturday 8 November until Saturday 13 December we are going sugar free! We hope you will join us with the sugar free challenge to help raise money for Headway East and practice a healthy way of eating just before all the holiday parties start. If you can't join us please support Headway East with a donation of any size. Go sugar free guidelines: We love things that are natural so the key is no REFINED sugar. This means avoiding: Foods: sweets, chocolate, breakfast cereals (only under 5 grams sugar), sauces - ketchup, BBQ sauce, pre-made salad dressings (oil & vinegar only), nutrition bars, flavoured yoghurt or milk, tinned fruit. Drinks: pre-made fruit juice, fizzy drinks (including tonic water), flavoured lattes, certain smoothies and juice drinks (check the labelling), energy drinks, vitamin drinks. Warnings! Things to watch out for include: 'Fat free' options normally have extra sugar to make them tastier, so read the labels before you opt for this as 'healthy'. Sweeteners - use the alternatives below or nothing at all. Alternatives: Agave nectar & natural honey Why sugar free? Omega Movement is all about building strength, fluidity, health and happiness and we all know this starts with what we put into our body. Nid and Kat understand and embrace this, but of course were human and have one big collective weakness: sugar!! We're not going to lecture everyone on why sugar is so bad because we love it so darn much! So on the path to be the best that we can, we thought this will be a great way to raise money - we will really be struggling. We have a Facebook group for all those joining us to share their ideas of food substitutes & how we get through the cravings.


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Supporting people affected by brain injury.