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Kirsty Somerscales is raising £100 for Beat
This has the potential to be the soppiest thing I have ever written but this charity is very close to heart. Eating disorders are currently estimated to be affecting 1.6 million people in the whole of the UK. Only 10% are diagnosed with anorexia nervosis, and 40% bulimia nervosis whereas a whole 50% are diagnosed with EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) which includes binge eating disorder. However, it is a common misconception that people with eating disorders are massively underweight when infact many sufferers are within a 'healthy BMI' range. There is no 'age limit' on this disease and although it is most commonly seen in females, around 11% of patients are male. It has the potential to be devastating, not only for the individual, but for their friends and families and can impact on most (if not all) aspects of their life. I want to start drawing pictures. These will include inspiring or feel good quotes, with little pictures and something to make you smile every day. You can message me direct and I will totally personalise one for you! Let me know if there's a special quote that you would like or a specific picture that is close to you. Like my mum says... 'If you like a quote, why not just get it on a picture? Rather than a tattoo?' I'm not an artist, never have been, and never will be. My pictures are 'technically' in the art world rubbish, but I do not want them to be perfect. They are both unique and personal. I will probably never do exactly the same one twice. But maybe the quality will get better with practice or I'll try harder if I know someone is actually going to be receiving one. In return all I ask is you donate to b-eat charity. It can be however much you like, no matter how little or how big, it's going to help. B-eat aim to challenge the stereotypes and stigma of mental health and campaign for better services for sufferers. They also provide a safe, online community so people can chat and find support with others, in particular the younger age group who may be too nervous or scared to ask for help. I can frame it if you want, that might cost a bit extra to buy the frame and postage but otherwise 100% of donations go to charity. They will be generally a4 size unless I feel like mixing it up a bit but you can still chose. I am a university student so I am sometimes busy (...napping, watching films, going out, and then even more napping) so I will make them as quick as I can and to the best of my un-artistic ability! You can also donate separately if you don't want the free shabby picture. But here is a link to my facebook where I'm gonna put pictures of every one I do (give me a shout if you like one in particular): Thanks gang Kirsty xx


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Beat is the UK's national charity supporting people affected by eating disorders. 725,000 people plus their friends and family are affec...