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Philip Braide is raising £250 for Plymouth Mayflower Rotary Trust Fund
So why run a half marathon? Because I can, yes, and it keeps me fit . But more importantly, with a little bit of sponsorship from you, we can both make a big difference to someone's life. Now that's good reason! This year as Chair of Plymouth Mayflower Rotary Club's International Committee I am running in the Great South West Run, Exeter, for one of our Rotary charities. Jaipur Limb is a wonderful organisation that we want to support. Why not look it up at http://www.rotaryjaipurlimb.org.uk When you can help someone get an artificial leg and foot for just 30, why wouldn't you? Did you know that the first thing children do when they are fitted with a Jaipur Limb is run. Seems appropriate somehow. I'm fortunate that I can run a half marathon. I grew up in a safe country, free from endemic disease and I have full use of my limbs. The groups I am running for do not have such good fortune, but with a little intervention from you and me, we can change that. I am reminded of a story about a person walking along a sun hot beach strewn with thousands of washed up star fish. Every so often she picked one up and threw it back into the sea. Watched by a fellow walker she was eventually asked what's the point of that, what difference can you make? All the difference in the world to this particular star fish was her response. So help make a difference, put a little bit of your good nature into a donation. Every penny you give will find its way to Jaipur Limb. That's where we make all the difference in the world to someone.


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