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So every year since I was 14 I have walked the Halifax Long March, raising thousands of pounds for a wide range of charities, both locally and nationally. Sadly due to the currently climate the Easter Night Walk was called off, breaking my 20 year record in my involvement in the Halifax Long March. Not wanting to see the year pass by without setting my own unique way of making sure that I carry on my tradition. I decided to mark my 20th 'Long March' by doing something special, by doing something I've never done before, I've decided to take on the Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks by night! I've walked the route plenty of times during the day, but I've never completed the full route at night. What a perfect way to mark my 20th year with the Halifax Long March. I've decided to support a local organisation who are responsible for walkers and bikers safety in the Calder Valley, a band of volunteers who put their own lives at potential risk, even more so under the current situation to help others who are in need. I want to stress that I will be taking plenty of precautions before taking on this fantastic challenge and will make it clear now, that if the conditions are not suitable for walking, I will have to call it off and plan for a later date. I mean it would be pointless fundraising for a Rescue Team to then call them out to rescue me. I hope that you can not only support me during my 20th 'Long March' but more importantly donate to the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team and help the do the valuable work that they do week in, week out.


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Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (CVSRT) is a 100% voluntary not-for-profit organisation, that operates within Mountain Rescue (Engla...