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Katie Hilder is raising £200 for Active Training and Education (ATE)
On Saturday 4th June, a small team of us will be walking the 16 miles from Bredenbury to Moor Park, two of our longest serving centres, hoping to earn your sponsorship to raise money for deserving, underprivileged children to come to an ATE Superweek. We're raising funds for the ATE Adventure Appeal, which is designed to allow children from a wide range of backgrounds to be able to attend one of ATE's residential, UK based Superweek summer camps. Children who benefit from these opportunities include young carers, disadvantaged children, children in the care system, and children with behavioral and learning difficulties. Please do think about sponsoring - we know that together we can make a difference. As staff we are acutely aware of the value of these holidays to all children. ATE believes that children deserve the opportunity to spend a week being themselves, having fun, away from the distractions and pressures of their hectic current lives, and parents often remark on a growth in self confidence, self assurance, consideration of others, maturity, positive self identity, improved social skills, physical and thinking skills, and positive values with which their child returns home. If you would like to read more about the adventure appeal, do take a look at the information on the ATE website here: http://www.superweeks.co.uk/adventure-appeal/ Thank you very much for your support and wish us luck for our very long walk! Lots of love from Lydia, Cat, Alex, Katie, Jen, Megan, Tom, Anthony, Zoe, Patrick, Connor, Stefan, Liam, and Jeremy


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Fantastic summer camp experiences, called Superweeks, for deserving children, thanks to fundraising efforts for our sponsorship scheme:Th...