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Sharing vital stories, exposing hidden truths.

Vital Xposure is a bold, dynamic a disabled-led touring theatre company that promotes hidden voices with extraordinary stories to tell.

Our vision is a fairer world for marginalised artists to become creative leaders, with their work celebrated in the heart of our culture

We create new, innovative performances and projects relevant to and representative of our communities.

We engage audiences with previously hidden stories to broaden understanding of our society and ourselves.

We remove barriers for d/Deaf, disabled and Neurodivergent artists, to increase their skills, confidence, and visibility both nationally and internationally.

Our inclusive disabled-led work brings positive change, through sector leadership, creative collaborations, and intersectional practice.

A short film to give a flavour of how our values permeate everything we do, created by some of the country's most amazing and renowned disabled, d/Deaf and Neurodivergent artists:

a) With integrated Creative Captions and British Sign Language:

b) With integrated Creative Captions and British Sign Language, and audio description:

We are proud to support and collaborate with amazing d/Deaf, Neurodivergent and disabled artists on stage and beyond. Our team is committed to ensuring a safe, inclusive and collaborative environment in all our productions, where artists feel supported through their own professional and creative journey with us:

“Wellspring has taught me to honour my needs, and has given me to confidence not to fit in, but to assert myself.” Nicole Latchana, Wellspring 2021-22 Writer

“A real change in theatre; not just with more disabled narratives or representation, but championing disabled artists to tell whatever stories they want. The potential for change was riveting, but partaking in Wellspring galvanised me even further." Robbie Curran, Wellspring 2021-22 Writer

“Acting was an area of my life I thought I’d never be able to return to. And maybe in ‘mainstream’ theatre I couldn’t. Here there was support to enable me to absolutely go for it, and not to have to ever apologise for what I needed.” Lisette Auton, Actor, ‘Mad Mary’ in Medicine’s Monstrous Daughters

We continue our research into untold stories and hidden voices that deserve justice, and we are committed to presenting these stories to audiences through disability-led theatre.

"Every time I see a Vital Xposure show I’m reminded that the world disables people, they aren’t born that way." Audience feedback, Voices from the Knitting Circle

"Superb performance, meaty subject matter that was expertly and sensitively dramatised."

"A celebration of those who choose to resist, whatever the cost."

"Frightening and thought provoking. Wonderfully accessible."

Audiences on Quiet Rebels (Autumn 2022 tour)

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Ten pounds could cover travel expenses to the rehearsal room or a one-month subscription to an online platform to co-create work remotely.

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