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Active Independence




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Active Independence is a charity and company limited by guarantee based in Doncaster and covering South Yorkshire.

As a 100% Disabled Person's user-led organisation we aim to: • provide information, advice, advocacy, training and support to enable Disabled people to have choice and control, and to live independent lives • raise aspirations and confidence among Disabled people, families and carers to facilitate choice, control and independent living • campaign for the right for Disabled people to have choice and control, in order to live independently and with dignity.

Our Objectives are: • to help and support and learn from each other • to be a 100% Disabled persons-led organisation • to offer advice to those who receive funds to employ Personal Assistants to meet their care needs • to work with service providers from all sectors to ensure the experiences of Disabled people inform the development of relevant policies, procedures and services. • to promote the benefits of personal budgets and self-directed support in giving Disabled people greater control over their lives.

We do this through the provision of a range of services and activities: • Specialist Advocacy Service • Art of Wellbeing Programme – craft, activity and cycling + peer support group for those with chronic fatigue and Long Covid • Training - online and classroom based • PA Support Service • PA Recruitment and Employer Support Service • Campaigning, Voice and Influence

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