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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Aidan Pinner is raising $300 for Pavilion Dance South West Limited
After starting dance for the first time earlier this year, I have officially got "the bug" and I'm always looking for new styles and ideas that I can throw onto the dancefloor! Cue Business Comes Dancing!!! I will be competing in 2023's competition and will hope to wow the audience with a Unique Contemporary Dance! Of course this is all for fun however as a competition, first is obviously the goal....! I would be grateful for any donation that you can make, as anything raised will go along way in showing your support which will help boost my performance going into the final on 25th November. Most importantly your money will be used to support an amazing charity that helps to transform people everyday lives through the power of dance. Pavilion Dance South West has been transforming communities through dance for over 13 years. Business Come Dancing is Pavilion Dance's annual fundraiser, bringing together business and the arts in a glittering celebration of dance! Based in Bournemouth, the charity develops and delivers targeted health and wellbeing programmes which improve resilience, increase self-esteem, and reduce stress through physical activity and social inclusion. They partner with health, education and community leaders to reach those most in need, including Parkinson’s and Dementia patients, deprived areas of BCP, young people with mental health challenges, LGBTQ+ community and global majority groups to break down barriers and drive change. Dance has the power to tackle social, mental and physical challenges, increase access to participation in dance and movement, and all its benefits: improving physical health via well-structured, fun opportunities to get active; improving mental health by bringing people together & learning something new; overcoming social isolation & creating positive memories. Pavilion Dance offers inclusive and accessible dance workshops and events in schools, colleges, care homes, community settings and in their own theatre in the centre of Bournemouth, as well as a full programme of classes and performances.


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