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We’re so grateful to Albania Overboard (a 3k swim from Albania to Corfu: for choosing us as one of their two 2019 charity partners, alongside Smile of a Child. We feel this partnership is a perfect fit!

The Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF), launches later this year with the aim to protect, sustain and restore the natural beauty of our beloved islands! Although these crystal clear waters at times look pristine, the truth is that their ecosystems and those that benefit from them are severely under threat from plastic pollution, industrial agricultural effluent, unregulated fish farms, illegal fishing, and much more.

The IEF is being set up to support local environmental initiatives across the Ionian islands and to address the important issues. It will pool funding from people and businesses who love or rely on the Ionians, to distribute those funds philanthropically to the best campaigns, projects and programmes. We will be supporting the creation of well-managed and effective MPAs around the islands, and other marine conservation measures, in order to ensure that this swim is as attractive and popular in 20 years, as it is today. Those of you experiencing the Ionian Sea will know, that it’s worth it. And to those of you supporting friends that are swimming – we thank you!

Given its UK charity status the Cyclades Preservation Fund (sister Fund to the IEF) has agreed to pass on all monies raised to the IEF (CPF – Click on our Givey profile or email for more information.


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Please support the Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF), which launches later this year to protect, sustain and restore the natural beauty...