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Repair of Anderson's Primary School Clock
Anderson's Primary School Forres was built in 1814 and included a clock tower,steeple and weather cock. The original clock mechanism which has to be handwound by Ivor the Janitor has now stopped working and we are asking the local community to help with fund raising. Funds raised will allow the school to install a digital mechanism to ensure that the clock continues to support the local community for many years to come. UK's leading clock repairers "Smith of Derby" have agreed to install a new Digital mechanism at Easter ensuring that when school returns for the Summer term we will have a fully functional timepiece. The clock is a pivotal piece of Forres history, an iconic landmark and we would like to reach out to the Forres community to help return it to its former glory. The school children of Anderson's are completely behind the repair of the clock and have been taking time out to write letters to the local community and draw pictures to persuade the local people of Forres to donate funds to repair the clock. We have offered the original mechanisms of the clock to the local Museum to house in a glass case for future visitors to see. This project is being managed by Anderson's Primary School Activities & Fundraising Group. Any surplus funds raised through this project will go towards the Climbing Wall project at Anderson's Primary School. Here is a letter written by Mia Barrere, Millie Fraser & Brogan Ireland-Fair (Primary 7 children at Anderson's). Anderson’s clock tower needs repaired. We would appreciate it if you could donate some money towards the clock tower. Anderson's does not have enough money to repair it all on its own. Your money would help give us a chance to let the clock tick again. If you don’t raise money, the clock tower would fall into further disrepair there for possibly endangering pupils. As you may know Anderson's Primary is an old, historic building. The old clock will be offered to the local museum. If we are able to raise enough money on our fundraising page then you will be able to go see it yourself. If we don’t raise enough the clock may not work again. Please give all you can. It would be a great help. On behalf of Room Nine, Mia Barrère, Millie Fraser, Brogan Ireland-Fair

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