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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Anton Pascu is raising $1,500 for Forest Gate Community Garden
Hi there, I am a 19 years old student who lives in Romania. Here, the education system is so bad that I chose Denmark for my future. I really think we have only one shot in life : to live it at the maximum value . So I take my courage and I sign up for this Univeristy called IBA - International Business Academy in Kolding. After some arguing with my parents I found out that I can't really go there because I do not have enough money. In Denmark, they ask you about 1500 euro only for rent so I must go there until 26th August. So I started going to work often and oftern, but the minimum salary here is 200$ a month, so imagine how much can I make in only 2 months. I spent time learning a lot for my admission and today was the day when theye emailed me and said : 'We expect you no later than 26th August to be our student, congratulation!". But all my happiness was erased and replaced with worries when I tought about the financial part. So I will be very grateful if you can help me with the minimum you can donate, because every penny counts! Thank you and I hope I didin't make you feel forced to help me, just introducing you to my problem :)

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Welcome to Forest Gate Community Garden. Our main aims are: - To create and maintain green spaces for wildlife, plants and people. ...


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