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Liam Hayward is raising £880 for Active Training and Education (ATE)
Between Thursday 2nd June - Sunday 5th June, A small team and I from the ATE Staff body will be daring the challenging routes between each residential center that ATE will be using this summer. Not just one route, but four routes across four days back-to-back. Taking in many contours lines, all off-road routes, and averaging around 20 miles per day, we will be trekking (with around 20kg of weight), along the following routes: Day 1: Penn Wood - The Poplars (25.6 miles) Day 2: The Poplars - Bredenbury (23.4 miles) Day 3: Bredenbury - Moor Park (15.9 miles) Day 4: Moor Park - Franks place (22.4 miles) Our chosen charity, ATE The (Active Training & Education) Trust, are an organisation who provide residential summer holiday camps for children aged 8-16 from all over the world. The week, known as a 'Superweek', provides children with the opportunity to truly be children in a comfortable environment where they will never be criticized and always encouraged. It allows children to understand and appreciate many aspects of life such as their surroundings and nature. It gives children the opportunity to develop social skills, make life-long friends, and create memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. Every year ATE raises funds which allows us to sponsor and pay for a child to be able to go away on one of our residential summer holidays. Sponsored places are allocated to children whose families would not otherwise be able to afford such opportunities; additionally, schools help ATE select children who might gain from the experience socially and emotionally. To find out more information about the charity please visit their website: http://www.superweeks.co.uk/ CHEEKY CHALLENGES: *If you fancy getting me to commit to one of the following, please sponsor me the amount shown and specify in the comments that you would like me to do that challenge as a result of your kind donation. Note, there is no limit on the challenges so for example, as many people as possible may request a post card or for me to dress up as a lady (though that is limited to 4 days). For a £5 donation I vouch to send you a postcard during our walk! For a £10 donation I vouch to roll down the highest hill on our walk and get stupidly dizzy (video evidence provided) For a £10 donation I vouch to sing any ATE song of your choice in a public place (video evidence provided) For a £10 donation I vouch to scream your name out loud in a busy town centre (video evidence provided) For a £20 donation I vouch to fill my rucksack on a day of your choice with rocks weighing in to 20kg, or £1 per kilo, extra kilos may be considered For a £20 donation I vouch to give every person I see during any day of your choice on the walk, a free hug For a £25 donation I vouch to give Dan from The Poplars centre a piggy back down the driveway of the centre For a £30 donation I vouch to wear a ladies dress all day during one day of your choice during the walk! (video and picture evidence provided) For a £40 donation I vouch to wear a ladies dress and get a ‘make over’ from Connor “coco chanel” Ramsay which includes lipstick, foundation and the whole package of the coco chanel summer 2016 make-up range (video and picture evidence provided) For a £50 donation Patrick and I will vouch to take over Penn’s tractor and get a free ride around The Poplars centre For a £75 donation or combined donation between two people, I vouch to jump in the freezing cold swimming pool at the Poplars centre at midnight on the evening of Thursday 2nd June (video evidence provided)


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