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Sian and Stephan's panto Cinderella on DVD

At Home At The Theatre is a Scottish charity that takes professional live variety shows to audiences who are affected by dementia. Since 2002, At Home At The Theatre's Sian and Stephan have presented 4,500 shows to audiences in care homes, day care centres, sheltered housing and dementia clubs. For 18 years Sian and Stephan's pantomime has been the highlight of our clients' Christmas celebrations. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, Sian and Stephan have filmed their hilarious pantomime Cinderella. The impact of the pandemic on care homes has been well-publicised and At Home At The Theatre aim to bring some extra Christmas cheer to audiences in dementia care settings by providing DVDs, free of charge, to audiences in dementia care settings throughout Scotland. and Stephan have filmed this year's panto, Cinderella, and aim to make DVDs available free of charge to audiences in dementia care settings throughout Scotland. Here are just a few words of praise from our clients: 'Sian and Stephan's panto has been the highlight of our Christmas for years. Residents and staff will all miss you this year' (Graceland Nursing Home, East Ayrshire) 'Sian and Stephan's Pantomimes are mesmerising, they are side splittingly funny, what a superb talented team they are, their singing, dancing and comedy is magnificent always entertaining and humorous from start to finish, tenants at Strathtay Ave thoroughly enjoy the interaction bestowed upon them by Sian and Stephan and are always looking forward to their next show.' (Strathtay Avenue, Glasgow) 'We have had the pleasure of watching & being part of Sian & Stephan's shows many times over the last seven years; there is plenty of variety for everyone, the main attraction is that their shows are so much fun & filled with interaction, everyone in the audience wants to be involved, our residents & service users talk about how good their shows are for days afterwards ... we have even had families gatecrashing to see where all the laughing & singing is coming from! Everyone at Crosslet House, our previous homes & day care centres would highly recommend Rovin Productions, everyone loves them' (Crosslet House, Dumbarton) 'CGNN aims to reduce loneliness in the community and Sian and Stephan's panto has been the breid to our butter each festive season. We have great laughs and a brilliant sing along with the tunes we know and the made up ones to well kent tunes that stick in your head for days after! Such a talented duo Sian and Stephan bring an energy and enthusiasm for all to enjoy a toe tapping, thigh slapping, hand clapping time! They bring a joy that if you could bottle it, it would give Barrs Irn Bru a run for their money. They bring love and laughter, from the classical, the modern classics to the down right banter tunes. You perform such a wide range of music that brings back fond memories for the audience. Nothing does this better than music. The way you seamlessly go from the serious to the outrageous with Aunty Senga is a talent few performers have the range for. You are the whole package, the real deal, all with a genuine warmth for the audience you perform tirelessly for.' Fundraisers

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