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Balmain Environment Conservation Trust





Balmain Environment Conservation Trust fights for a better future for the English countryside. We work locally and nationally to protect, shape and enhance a beautiful thriving countryside for everyone to value and enjoy. The countryside is unique, essential, precious and finite – and it’s in danger. Every year, a little more is lost forever to urban sprawl, new roads, housing and other developments. Rural shops and services are under pressure and intensive farming is changing the character of the countryside. Climate change, too, will have serious impacts on the rural environment. Locally and nationally, we stand up for the countryside, protecting it from the threats it faces, and working to shape its future for the better. Nationally, we don’t own any land or represent any special interests. We’re a grassroots organisation, with more than 200 local groups, a branch in every county and 60,000 members and supporters. At the same time our national office gives the countryside a voice in Westminster, Europe and the media. Balmain Environment Conservation Trust has been standing up for the countryside for almost 90 years. Without us, the countryside would be a very different place – and England would be poorer for it. The countryside is a vital part of our well-being and national identity and we’ll continue to stand up for it so it can continue to sustain, enchant and inspire future generations.

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