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On April 9th 2017 I will set out to complete the 3 Peak Challenge for charity, climbing the 3 tallest mountains in England (Scafell Pike), Scotland (Ben Nevis) and Wales (Mount Snowdon). For those of you that are not aware of the challenge, these 3 mountains must be climbed within a set time of 24 hours (including travelling time). Due to this, the challenge is often completed on little sleep, with the only opportunity to rest and eat being during travel between each mountain. This is a start to what I hope to be a bigger fundraising project, aiming to raise money for a charity called Karma Flights, who I will be meeting in Nepal later this year. Karma Flights was founded in 2011 with the objective of providing a safe home, and educational support, for a group of eight at-risk children. Since being started, the organisation has expanded into so much more now , and their activity now includes school, library and computer-lab construction; hydro, solar and road infrastructure support; water, hygiene, livestock, and child-nutrition programs; and medical, mental, and dental health camps. As many of you will remember, in 2015 a horrific earthquake hit Nepal, killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. Karma Flights was one of the many charities involved in the immediate response to this tragic event, delivering food, water and medical support to the affected regions. Today they provide training for events such as these, and have taken upon themselves large-scale emergency disaster relief. I am travelling with a group of others to meet this fantastic charity in October to present them with a check of the money that I have raised. I would be so grateful of any money donated by any of you, no matter how large or small. If it is easier for you to donate in person, I am more than happy to collect your donations, and take a note of everyone that does. I hope to bring back lots of photos of some of the great work these guys are doing!

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