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Committed to serving the community

B@titude is a shop in North Leatherhead, selling good quality second hand babies and children's clothes, toys, games and equipment. It opened in 2005 and has evolved into more than a shop through the years. In one person's words "it's a doorway into people's lives and families", and has become a part of the local community. It isn't a big space but there is room to sit with a friend and have a cuppa and let the children play safely. It's a space to dream and make friends.

There are many different projects that happen both inside and outside of the shop. We are able to offer counselling to individuals who otherwise couldn’t afford it. In the summers holidays we organise trips to places such as London Zoo and the beach. We also run community events like thanksgiving meals, bright and light parties for children or a sit down feast for the elderly. We're excited to run a space called 'The Hive' which is dedicated to creativity of all kinds and a space for adults to connect, build confidence and have fun.

This is a very resourceful, lively community and we are delighted to be part of the Leatherhead story.


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