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Sandra Cacciotti is raising $500 for TACN
Hi : ) My name is Sandra and I live in the United States with my children, Anthony and Tori, and my fur child, Roxy. My family and I truly want to make Baymax a part of our family and give him a forever home. Baymax is a dog meat trade survivor. Although the actual adoption is free, the cost of shipping him to the United States from China is quite high. Baymax's Story Baymax was found locked in a small cage outside a restaurant where they serve dog meat, and he was to be slaughtered as soon as someone placed an order for dog meat. Thanks to a local rescuer, Mr. Xinqi Zhao, owner of one of the TACN partner shelters, Baymax was saved from a brutal, horrific death. Zhao then took Baymax into his shelter which also houses hundreds of other dogs rescued from similar situations. Due to the sheer number of animal residents in the shelter, Zhao was struggling with providing proper care for Baymax, as he had medical issues. During a visit to Zhao's shelter, Xiaoli (TACN China Project Coordinator and Shelter Manager) offered to help Baymax and a couple of other dogs in the shelter who required immediate medical attention. With help from the Bridgette Bardot Foundation in Paris, Baymax and his friends received proper medical treatment at a local veterinary clinic in Beijing. Baymax was able to quickly regain his strength and began his journey of recovery. After being hospitalized for more than a month, Baymax was released and placed in a boarding kennel. He lived there with a few other dog meat trade survivors for a couple of months while looking for a forever home. Now, Baymax is in a foster home where he is being trained and learning to be a happy dog again. My family and I deeply want to give Baymax the forever home and forever family that he so truly deserves. A home that is full of love, affection, companionship (We have another beloved dog, Roxy), and happiness. Costs of Transportation Typically, the cost of transporting a dog as check-in luggage is approximately $1300-$1600 USD. However, the airline's weight limit is 70lbs for check-in luggage and Baymax weighs 66lbs. His weight combined with the weight of the crate would be over 70lbs. Therefore Baymax has to be transported as cargo and the cost is double the amount. There is no cost for the actual adoption. All donated monies are for transporting Baymax to the United States. He will fly directly to Newark, New Jersey. We will drive from our home in Pennsylvania, which is 5 1/2 hours away, and get our new boy the moment he gets off the plane!!! Any amount, large or small, that you can donate to help Baymax would be deeply appreciated. We are very grateful for any assistance. Thank you kindly.


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