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Best Coffee Travel Mug on the UK Market Hey guys thanks for tuning in to another episode of your review channel thermos, yes the brand stainless steel mugs come in two-pack. We're going to do an unboxing take a quick look at this and tell me what you think don't forget to like share and subscribe. Today we're talking about brand thermoses which are one of the best travel mugs according to Cureline.co.uk It's not just any kind of thermos the brand thermos okay this thing is pretty awesome we were looking for something to keep our coffee hot or our cold drinks cold and we were just tired of just having cold drinks and you know the hot drinks constantly getting cold it's annoying and it actually cold drinks actually the ice is melting and just getting warm and that's annoying so come up with this kind of solution here. So these are a couple of travel mugs whatever you want to call them each one is 16 ounces so you get two 16 ounce okay so 470 millilitres the travel mugs basically so a dishwasher safe which is really important a single sub-single-cup compatible I guess that means a king I guess that makes sense right. It's got a five-year warranty which is kind of cool I like the colours are red and almost like an I don't know if it's like it's not grey but a computer yeah so you got like a really kind of cool red and a pewter silver which is kind of cool hopefully you can see that that's really kind of cool again. The brand is thermos and let's see what else we have so it includes two and take a look at the back here it starts hot and stays hot which is really important so seven hours of heat so it keeps the item seven hours warm that's what it says or 18 hours of cold so if there's something cold in here it should keep the cold for 18 hours we'll get into a long-term test, later on. So you can see that as well so it has a lot kind of we'll take a look at the features of all this as vacuum technology um so I’m under the impression honestly so I will have a little controversy here I was under the impression anything that was vacuum sealed you should not put into a dishwasher um because the heat the intense heat I don't know a lot of people know this can actually break the seal you don't see it you can't tell it but you can't tell you don't know but then you'll notice that your coffee is not staying as hot as long. Your drink is not staying as cold as long I’m not sure it does say dishwasher safe so I am a little concerned about that I have read some research online that that can be an issue so just to be aware I would just hand wash this. I’m not sure if I would put this in the dishwasher that's just my opinion. If you are not sure how to clean the travel mug then read this guide. This as well if you're looking for a travel mug thermos for your hotter cold item I think it's kind of cool I think today everyone you know especially today everyone's working at home and everyone's doing their own thing. So everyone's looking for more convenience and also accessibility to keep things colder keep things hotter you know it's just annoying when you have a hot cup of coffee I have a cup of coffee here right um and then 20 minutes later 15 minutes later it's cold so you're constantly microwaving everything which is annoying I’m sure you know what I’m talking about giving me a like on this article also don't forget to subscribe down below tell me what you use um if it works for you if you have another product that you like I don't mean to review let me know. I will be glad to do that um just let me know what you think as far as what you use so there's a little thing in the back here so it's being held so you can see so this little all you have to do is just put these little tabs in like this hey guys appreciate your time as always please don't forget to subscribe it does help my channel out quite a bit let's get back into the review I hope you're enjoying this unboxing of these awesome thermos travel mugs let's go here this comes right all out right out of the package you can see just like that okay then they sit into this little mount and those come right out let's take that to the side okay so to take them off here there's two screws so don't have the keys up with it it's unscrewed. Let's unscrew this one you can see that comes right off that one there let's take off the second one all right so quality builds the fire's not concerned excellent quality bill's excellent okay this is I mean you can't go wrong with the thermos brand I mean they've been around for forever a little instruction booklet in here you can read that if you want to take that aside for now so you can see it's stainless steel inside in here okay so it's got an air channel inside here and it's sealed so the air channel does is acting as an insulator so it keeps things hot keeps things cold that's how that works. I’m just not I’m just concerned about the dishwasher thing the dishwasher gets extremely hot and you might not see it and the seal could possibly go if the seal goes it will not perform as intended and that's something you just need to be aware of in the future that you need to know I’m not sure about these gaskets if they dry out in the heat because don't forget dishwashers say they are wicked hot I mean they just they get so hot you can't touch the dishes when it's done okay so I like the feel of it it's got a good feel. Okay, so my wife likes the red I will have the pewter which is fine um it has a little knob here that you open and close okay let's see here so yeah that's open so you can see in here I don't know if you can see but this opens in here and you tilt this and it locks it so you can drink out of it using this here hopefully you can see here it says open-close so that's how you drink out of it so it opens and closes a little channel in here so that's how you keep it cold that's how you keep it extra hot I guess you just keep that closed I guess but so that helps with spills so it won't spill while you're travelling and they're both equal um they do the exact same thing they are made in china. United States patent on the bottom. I like the cool look of this new kind of cool right fits in the cupholder should be no problem fitting in any size standard cup holder it's got the right size bottom one it looks like it'll fit well to me it's got a good weight to it they are oh yeah they're definitely a plastic they're not plastic like a metal they're definitely metal yeah there's no question about it the metal with a nice little baked enamel on something kind of I don't know whatever it is it's kind of cool whatever it is um nice quality products I think they're kind of cool I just want to bring your attention to show you these right here. These are really kind of cool travel mugs I mean if you're looking for a travel mug I think the thermos brand is probably one of the best around they've been around since 1904 so the box says I do believe that all right guys so just want to bring this quick unboxing to you about these thermos travel mugs if you want something hot you want something cold keep it cold I think these will do the trick for you all right guys I don't want to make this a very long review please don't forget to like share and also please subscribe to the channel that's helped me out quite a bit also leave down below in the comments what you use. How it works for you other brands that you use just give me some feedback let me know about travel mugs, in general, these hot and cold travel mugs some of what you use and where you get them and let the community know it does help everybody out as always that's what we're doing here on the review channel is just trying to give information out to people so they can make educated consumer decisions okay guys that's it for me I appreciate your time as always um and don't forget happy coffee keep the coffee cold even ice coffee right you have ice cream in here hot coffee any kind of drink at all it works all right guys appreciate it as always and I will see you at the next review.


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