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Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation is the charity running high profile and successful campaigns to end the UK trade in shark products.

Sadly the global appetite for shark fins, meat, skin, cartilage and liver oil is fuelling a marine gold rush to hunt and kill sharks. And nature can't keep up.

Every year around 73 million sharks are slaughtered. As a result one in four shark species is listed as threatened.

Because of Bite-Back's actions, it is no longer possible to buy shark meat in any major supermarket. It's impossible to buy shark cartilage capsules from the UK's leading health food store and more than 60 UK restaurants have taken shark fin soup off menus.

And now the charity is at the forefront of a UK campaign to end the import and export of shark fins.

Only with your support can we set a new global agenda for shark conservation and lead the word in the protection of these magnificent animals.

Thank you.


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