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Hi, it's Sensei Chris here!

There are exciting times ahead for the Academy as we are taking our Ladies Self-defence programme to the business sector to raise money for Pink Events.

Our sessions, which are delivered on work premises over lunch breaks to female employees, aim to reach out to those who otherwise would find it difficult to attend a class due to work or family commitments. We believe self-defence is not just learning how to use physical strength but also discovering the self and developing a positive mindset.

Why Pink Events? This is a wonderful charity that has achieved so much in terms of money raised for The Breast Care Unit and St. James' Hospital in Leeds, Cancer Research UK and Breast Cancer Care. But our appreciation for Pink Events goes beyond this to include the mental benefits that, through their donations, they have provided to patients and their families.

One of our students who has recently attended The Breast Care Unit has told me how grateful she was for the support shown by nurses and doctors as she attended the appointments by herself, and for the latest equipment that had made testing more comfortable for her.

Please go to www.pinkevents.org.uk to see more about our charity and we hope to see you on one of our Female Employees Self-defence sessions.


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Pink Events raises money in order to provide and improve resources and equipment for patients and consultants, as appropriate, to improve...