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Welcome to my Givey page
Hello, I hope you're having a good day so far. My name is Bright Bediako and your help will be greatly needed for me to be able to attend university this year. My story began when I moved to the UK to join my family when we sought for life and education. I have a confirmed offer to study Computer Networking Engineering at Birmingham city university. I want to dedicate my life to the field of science and to work on research projects that can help to invent apps, software and things in the world of I.T to make people’s lives easier and safer. The only way I would be able to achieve this is by going to university which is why it is so important to me that I am able to find the funds I need to do so. Unfortunately, I just recently found out that I am ineligible for student finance, although I have been in the UK for half my life. This has placed me in a position of uncertainty about my attendance to University and I may be forced to withdraw as I would require funds to pay for my university tuition and to obtain textbooks and other materials needed for my course. I would also need to pay for accommodation as my university is not close to home. I come from a family of 7 and I understand that it will be extremely difficult for me to achieve self-funding and going to university from observing my elder and younger siblings trying to accomplish this because alongside paying for utility bills and the cost of raising 6 children, my family are also currently working and struggling to put my older sibling through university as she did not qualify for student finance as well. Things have become even more financially straining for my family as my mom has been off work since about July of last due to work-related problems. I do not want to become an additional “burden” for my family who are working tirelessly to support my elder and younger siblings through school and this is causing a massive financial strain on us. Due to the hardship I have seen and been through in the past, I have never allowed my background to define me but instead it motivates me to overcome this limitation. I immersed myself in voluntary work in my community that involves working with helping old people to use I.T, teaching them how to be safe on the internet, banking online and shopping online which really helped them in this pandemic . I volunteer myself to be part of any organization that gave help to the NHS by testing the NHS worker for COVID-19 through the pandemic.. I need your help to help me break free from restrictions of my background and financial situation. Any help and donation are welcomed.