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Help us raise £250K to upgrade & improve our facilities.

Bury Athletic Club aims to promote community participation in healthy recreation in Bury and the surrounding area by providing facilities to participate in athletics. We aim to increase participation in all areas and within all age groups. We would like to build on our strong roots within the local community and open up our facilities to a broader range people and groups to ensure inclusion and accessibility to all.

To benefit from significant match funding already committed by Bury Council we now have to raise equivalent funds ourselves. This is where you can help. For every £1 you donate we will also receive £1 from the Council. These funds will go towards replacing our synthetic track to meet new UKA competition standards. We'll also make improvements to the safety of several parts of the facilities including the track, car park and overall accessibility. We hope to build a new multi-functional ‘Health and Wellbeing Centre’ to offer a wider range of activities. We'd also like to invest in exercise equipment suitable for use by those with disabilities. Please help if you can! Thanks.

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