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Ceri Craddock is raising $1,000 for Heads Above The Waves
So, I've finally got the ball rolling with this and got my ass into gear and signed up for the Cardiff half 2020. This time, I'm running it for my good friends & awesome human beings at heads above the waves. This has actually been on the cards for a while. I've wanted to do whatever possible to help this amazing organisation who helped me out through not so good times. For those unsure what Heads above the waves is, its a not-for-profit organisation that works to raise awareness of depression and self harm in young people. So many are affected by mental health issues and still affraid to speak up which is why HATW & their work is so important. They have an awesome website that provides different coping mechanisms & also hold workshops at schools & youth groups to help provide kids with coping techniques & removing the stigma around mental health

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Heads Above The Waves is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that exists to raise awareness about self-harm, and encourage creati...