It's Dementia Awareness Week until Thursday 28th May

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Carers UK helps carers to stay in work, avoid poverty, have a life and find a voice, care and keep their family together. We provide support to carers through a network of local groups and membership, providing carers with advice and information and campaigning to get carers a better deal.

Everyday 6,000 people become carers. For some, it will have happened gradually. For others, it comes completely out of the blue. We know that sooner or later, most of us will face the challenge of caring for family or friends who are older, disabled or seriously ill. But it is rarely in the plan. And it can turn your plans upside down. So, however caring affects you and your family, we are here.

Your donation will help us ensure that however someone’s life is affected by caring, that we can offer the support and recognition they need. Your donation will help us create a world where we can all look after our loved ones without putting our own lives on hold. You will help us to reach over 2m carers each year with expert information and support. And you will help us to create a world where no one has to give up work to care.

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