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Ian Catterick is raising $1,000 for Friends of North Kigezi
I will be running the Folkestone 13 Mile Race on Friday 25th March 2016 to raise money for a new Maternity Center in North Kigezi Diocese in Uganda. The local hospital is located some 8 kilomtres away for this area which makes it almost impossible to access so many girls and married women try to give birth at home with no medical or assistance with the outcome that usually babies survive but Mums do not. The orphan child then has no where to go as fathers do not take responsibility and they can be directed to our Childrens Centre. As part of its mission to reach out to this area we are planning to open our own small maternity hospital so that babies can be born locally and safely/. We have taken a small unit to open this facility hopefully in August 2015 and then if successful will construct and equip a purpose built Maternity Unit to better serve the community. We have been donated some sponsorship towards the running costs but have estimated that the new unit will take between 18 to 22 thousand pounds to construct. We are now seeking assistance to fund this vital unit and ask for your assistance to the best of your ability.


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